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Anthurium magnificum (pure)

Anthurium magnificum (pure)

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Anthurium Magnificum has earned a reputation as one of the most captivating foliage Anthuriums in cultivation, owing to its sheer beauty and remarkable features. It is a mesmerising plant native to Colombia's lush rainforests. It's known for its large, velvety green leaves adorned with stunning bright white veins that gently glimmer in the light. The plant's name perfectly captures the impressive size its stunning leaves can attain.

This species bears a strong resemblance to Anthurium Crystallinum, and a reliable way to differentiate them is by observing the mature plant's petioles. Pure Anthurium Magnificum boasts winged quadrangular (square) petioles, a distinctive characteristic that sets it apart.

The Anthurium Magnificum we have available for sale is currently in its juvenile stage, however, it was grown from seed by our trustworthy grower, who guarantees its authenticity. Like all velvet anthuriums, they require warm temperatures and humidity to thrive. 

The plant pictured is the one you will receive.


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