Enamel pins are hand made and individually filled/polished by workers! I don't sell collectors grade or C grade pins. Please read my pin grading guide below before purchasing ♡

Standard Grade (A)

Standard grade pins contain no major imperfections, but please note that since pins are handmade, they may include some minor imperfections including:

  • Small scratches or scuffs
  • Minor imperfections in metal plating
  • Superficial bubbles/speckles/pores on enamel
  • Minor underfill/slightly uneven fill of the enamel
  • Scuffs on the side or back of pin
  • Slightly misaligned screenprinting

    Seconds Grade (B)

    Seconds pins will have more noticeable flaws and will be sold at a discounted price. Imperfections may include:

    • Deeper scratches on the metal or enamel
    • Heavily noticeable imperfections/staining in metal plating
    • Overflow or underfill of enamel in obvious areas
    • Completely unfilled areas/missing enamel
    • Bent pins
    • Misaligned screenprinting


    Pins may tarnish over time just like jewellery. This can be fixed with some non-abrasive jewellery polishing cream and a soft microfiber cloth. Please test the polish on a small area on the pin first to be sure it won't damage the pin before you polish your pin.